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Nanofiber Filtration Media Utilizes Proprietary Nozzle-less Melt-Spun Nanofiber Processing Technology

DuPont has a portfolio of issued patents and applications for technology covering the nanofiber filtration media space. Filters made from nanofibers media potentially offer better filtration efficiency, better media rating, lower resistance, higher flow throughput and longer life than the traditional filters. Use of the proprietary DuPont nozzle-less Melt-Spun Nanofiber processing technology potentially offers a smaller environmental footprint (lower energy requirement and solvent-free operation) and potentially lower cost for production of supported or stand-alone media webs.

Benefits Summary

Benefits summary was not provided for this TechPak.

Development Summary

DuPont operates a pilot-scale lab facility that can generate nanofiber-web samples for evaluations in desired filtering applications. The samples can be produced on substrates or as stand-alone webs. The facility has demonstrated the production of nanofiber web structures and scale-up potential and can reliably produce roll samples for applications development. Below is a description of the nano-web samples produced in the lab-scale facility: Roll-to-roll process: reproducible, dependable runs generating 500+ m @40gsm. Polymers: PP ( MFR: 18,00 to 100); PET ( IV up to 0.61). As-spun Web: good BW consistence, 15 to 120gsm, 11” wide after edge trimming. As-spun Web MFP 4.5 ~ 12 µm; Calendered web MFP 0.5 ~ 4.0 µm. more

IP Summary

Patent information has not been disclosed.

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