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Testing Methods Using OncoMouse® Transgenic Models of Cancer

OncoMouse® models of cancer enhance research productivity by yielding direct results through in vivo study of tumorigenesis in the relevant physiological context (breast cancer in breast epithelium) in contrast to xenografts or implants. Researchers can assess materials for (1) carcinogenicity and (2) the pharmacological effect of anticancer and chemopreventive agents. OncoMouse® cancer models follow a normal progression of disease in animals that have an intact immune system.

Benefits Summary

The OncoMouse® transgenic animals have been modified in a manner that gives them a propensity for neoplasm development. Such animals can be used in experiments that test suspected carcinogens or screen anticancer and chemopreventive agents. more

Development Summary

Important Notice to OncoMouse® Users: Modification of Terms of Non-Commercial Research Licenses: The OncoMouse® technology is in wide commercial use. Free academic non-commercial research licenses have been executed with nearly 350 nonprofit universities and research institutions worldwide. Restrictions in these non-commercial research licenses that may have existed in the past limiting the ability for these nonprofit universities and research institutions to form academic/industry partnerships in the field of cancer research are waived by DuPont, and future non-commercial OncoMouse® research license agreements with nonprofit universities and research institutions will be issued without such restrictions. Consistent with this waiver and the terms of future agreements, DuPont agrees that it will not enforce any limitations in material transfer agreements between the Public Health Service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and nonprofit universities or research institutions that would restrict formation of academic/industry partnerships in the field of cancer research. more

IP Summary

Patent information has not been disclosed.

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