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DuPont™ TechnologyBank™

DuPont TechnologyBank™
DuPont TechnologyBank™ is the window into DuPont for access to its technology and know-how. DuPont Intellectual Assets and Licensing wants to assist you in facilitating this technology transfer and we are open to exploring the various possibilities. Click here to learn more. You must be logged in to access this link.
DuPont Featured Technology
High current-density fuel cell utilizing lactose redox catalyst
Use of enzymatic catalysts permits the incorporation of the redox catalyst into fluidic microdomains. Higher current-densities result because of locally high concentrations, high diffusion coefficients, and convective transport.

Welcome to the DuPont™ TechnologyBank™

INVENTING! CREATING! DISCOVERING! These have in common that they are essential to the R&D process and all are expensive and time consuming.

If you are considering acquiring technology for your business to save both time and money in the R&D process, you have come to the right place in DuPont to start that effort.

The DuPont TechnologyBank™ is the route into DuPont to search for technology and to understand how DuPont works in the process of transferring technology. Go ahead, search the site (see FAQ's for help in searching efficiently). If you find what you need, request an introduction and let's talk about that technology.

Since more technology is available from DuPont than most people can imagine, and than we can place on any site, contact us to discuss your need if you don't find what you need from your search.

In its greater than 200 year history, DuPont has spent many billions of dollars in research. A large portion of the results of that work can be made available to organizations and individuals for their use.

Why repeat good work already completed when DuPont may be able to provide the technology more efficiently and less expensively than doing that work over again?

Go ahead, search and contact us.

Click here to see a sampling of the assets available from the DuPont TechnologyBank™.

OR, if you have a question regarding licensing technologies click here. If you have any other question, want product information, or need to communicate with DuPont on some other subject, click here.

  How does finding technology from DuPont work? How do I look into this opportunity?
Simple! Tell us what you need, or are trying to accomplish, or what has failed before, or anything you feel comfortable discussing as a way to initiate dialogue. We'll take it from there.
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    +1 617-244-4149.

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