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Featured Technologies
  What are Featured Technologies? 
This page lists technologies that are complex, and usually major parts of the modern DuPont Company.

There may already be established licensing practices and / or arrangements in place for these technologies. In some cases there are restrictions on licensing these technologies that should be discussed early in the due diligence process.

Special contacts have been arranged to provide appropriate response to requests for technology and an expedited review of licensing opportunities.
Asymmetric triaminophenols useful for polybenzimidazole polymers
These compounds are useful in the manufacture of high-performance polymers. They enable easier polymer processing with no loss of important physical properties.  more...

Cosmetics with nanosphere dispersions from renewable, environmentally friendly resources
This dispersing agent comprises one or more active cosmetic materials, a water or oil/water emulsion carrier fluid, and nano-sized polyurethane ionomers dispersed within the carrier phase.  more...

Fluorinated esters of aromatic acids useful for soil and oil resistance of polymers
These compositions are useful in fibers, yarns, carpets, garments, films, molded parts, paper and cardboard, stone and tile, imparting long lasting-soil, water, and oil resistance along with improved flame retardance.  more...

Lower-cost ethylene-based high viscosity index lubricant technology
By controlling the branching and the length of the branching, you can control the desired viscosity index of this process.  more...

New lysinol-epoxy thermoset polymers derived from renewable source
The lysinol-derived polymers provide an advantage in that the amine monomer is not derived from petroleum. Cost-effective raw materials for these thermosets are readily available.  more...

Precise mass spectrometric quantitation of proteins and other biopolymers
This technology enables the direct, absolute quantitation of biopolymers, such as proteins or nucleotides, in crude solutions by incorporating unique tags using stable isotopes.  more...

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