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Featured Technologies
  What are Featured Technologies? 
This page lists technologies that are complex, and usually major parts of the modern DuPont Company.

There may already be established licensing practices and / or arrangements in place for these technologies. In some cases there are restrictions on licensing these technologies that should be discussed early in the due diligence process.

Special contacts have been arranged to provide appropriate response to requests for technology and an expedited review of licensing opportunities.
Antimicrobial trimethylene glycol oligomers
The oligomers are produced from renewable sources. They are non-skin irritating, safe, and effective for repeated use in various applications against a broad spectrum of microorganisms.  more...

Herbicide discovery and design by utilizing the nucleic acid fragments encoding a glycolysis or respiration protein
By limiting respiration and catabolism in specific plants, thus inhibiting growth, this method using nucleic acid fragments may lead to new herbicides.  more...

High-tensile and tear strength nonwoven fabric for packaging and sheet applications
Low voids in the fabric produce an unusually high tensile strength and tear strength, with full-width bonding.  more...

Modified fullerenes for electronic assemblies and fuel cells
Long-life membranes incorporating these fullerenes have wide applicability to electrically conductive, catalytically active particles, and to electrode assemblies.  more...

Refined catmint oil -- a proven-safe, effective natural replacement for DEET -- now available in commercial quantities for insect repellent products
Any product compatible with DEET is compatible with hydrogenated catmint oil. Naturally sourced catmint oil adds insect repellency to lotions, sprays, wipes, and other product formats for humans, animals, houses, and structures.  more...

Ultra-low-wear polymer composites for bearing surfaces reduces expense, avoids contamination, reduces weight
Polymers such as PTFE are combined with particles of alumina, titania, or zirconia using patented methods and formulations. The resulting bearings can be formed into almost any shape for longer-life parts.  more...

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