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  What are Featured Technologies? 
This page lists technologies that are complex, and usually major parts of the modern DuPont Company.

There may already be established licensing practices and / or arrangements in place for these technologies. In some cases there are restrictions on licensing these technologies that should be discussed early in the due diligence process.

Special contacts have been arranged to provide appropriate response to requests for technology and an expedited review of licensing opportunities.
Dry-print heat-transfer technique prints high yield TFTs and overcomes multi-layer printed electronics problem
The technology can produce line widths down to 5 microns. Lab yields with the process reached 99% to 100% functioning TFTs.  more...

Energy-saving temperature control using phase-change material (PCM)
Applications include building, food storage, garments, footwear, medicinal storage, vehicles, and others. The materials are simple to manufacture and raw materials are readily available in commercial quantities.  more...

Inexpensive, flexible mica paper substrate for photovoltaic cells and similar devices in roll-to-roll applications
The result is a substrate that is cheaper and easier to manufacture than a steel substrate, stronger than a glass substrate, and makes more efficient photovoltaic cells than a polymer substrate.  more...

Photoresists and associated processes for microlithography in the extreme, far, and near UV
This technology includes a toolkit of polymers, copolymers, and dissolution inhibitors for preparing photoresists for microlithography.  more...

Photovoltaic cell with enhanced light management
Conventional PV cells usually have metallic conductor lines on the front, sun-facing surface. These conductor lines are essential, but block a portion of the incident solar radiation. This invention overcomes that problem, and increases efficiency.  more...

Polymer/dye compositions for thermally imaged printed electronics offer 5-micron lines and multi-layer printing
Conventional methods of creating electronics, such as photolithography, require chemical and etchants. Printing electronics using inkjets suffer from line width problems and the difficulty of multiple layers. This technology solves both problems.  more...

Process for forming thin film organic transistors (TFTs) and polymer light-emitting displays (PLEDs)
Organic transistors from this technology can be used in inexpensive or disposable items, such as electronic paper, posters and books, smart cards, toys, appliances and electronic bar codes for product identification.  more...

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