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Featured Technologies
  What are Featured Technologies? 
This page lists technologies that are complex, and usually major parts of the modern DuPont Company.

There may already be established licensing practices and / or arrangements in place for these technologies. In some cases there are restrictions on licensing these technologies that should be discussed early in the due diligence process.

Special contacts have been arranged to provide appropriate response to requests for technology and an expedited review of licensing opportunities.
Commercial manufacture of vinyl acetate monomer
VAM is a key ingredient in the manufacture of a wide variety of industrial and consumer products.  more...

Conductive thermoplastic polymers integrate antennas into the case of the electronic device
These polymer antennas have a wider bandwidth than do wire or sheet antennas, an advantage for multi-band devices.  more...

Energy-efficient carbon dioxide removal and sequestration
Re-use or re-sell carbon dioxide captured from industrial exhaust gases such as power generating stations using this low-cost technology.  more...

Industry-leading mononitrobenzene (MNB)/aniline production
Key benefits include high yields, constant high-purity product, elimination of the sulfuric acid concentration system, and high on-stream time.  more...

Production strain/whole-genome rapid directed evolution of microorganisms
Although numerous technologies exist for mutating single genes, traditionally, they use UV radiation or chemical mutagens that can lead to significant cell damage. This technique uses temperature-sensitive mutator plasmids.  more...

Recovery of solute from ionic liquid absorbent using electric field
This facile method of separating absorbed gas from ionic liquid avoids heating the liquid for desorption and subsequent cooling.  more...

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